• The Prestigious British School

    It is a Dubai modern education school whose recruitment is not restricted by geographical or religious restrictions but by very high tuition fees (around 124622 dirhams for a school year). Elite, however, has a system of scholarships to facilitate access to less fortunate students.


    This boys' school is home to some 1,290 students aged 13-18. Admission is very selective and takes place after the passing of an examination which determines, in particular, the award of scholarships.


    The traditions of Elite College


    One of its most well-known traditions is the wearing of uniforms . This uniform with a black jacket is a true institution. It is simplified for younger students or "lower boys" and complete for the older, upper boys.


    The façade of the chapel overlooking the central courtyard is used as a pediment for a kind of palm game which is one of the traditional sports of the college , as well as rowing or the wall game.

    Different pedagogical values

    Different pedagogical values : In education, it is believed that weak pupils in a class will be inspired by the best in the class. In Dubai English speaking school, it is believed that the best learn better when they are with the better, and the weaker learn better when they are with, the weaker. So we systematically have groups of levels that are organized in the English classes. There is, therefore, some pressure to be in the Top group for the children, and conversely, it is not easy sometimes to leave the group of the weak. There are also quarterly evaluations and tests to assess the level of each student who is perhaps more stressful than the continuous control that one has in the system.


    On the philosophy of teaching, on the one hand, there is a deductive system, the Cartesian tradition, with a thesis-antithesis-synthesis, a rather structured teaching in general which gives children what they must learn with demonstrations. As opposed to a more inductive universe in the system, where one observes, one notices that it works, one will make and one deduces something from it. Parents interviewed who went from the system to the British sections saw the difficulties of adaptation of their children. The British section asks the student more autonomy more responsibilities in the search for information.


    Finally, there is a great distinction in the perception of the values of secularism . In education, religion is left at the door of the school. This is not the case in the Dubai where the denominational aspect is sometimes integrated into the school.



    In conclusion


    English school or Other school is a personal choice, each child is different and moving from one system to another in one direction, or the other is not obvious. However, finding the right English school is easier with rankings of Ofsted (and retaining the best schools For competitive high schools, we will advise the Financial Times ranking.

  • Some Useful Recommendations To Pick The Best International School in Dubai


    Choosing the right school for the child is an exceptionally crucial choice. Frequently the college is the stepping stone that will take your child farther.


    A school environment that is proper is becoming even more significant the modern day household scenario taking into consideration. They hardly have sufficient time to commit for children and since parents are working, they need to rely on the british school in Dubai for greatest instruction and guidance. This can be the reason why more and more educational institutions are coming up, with all the commendable intention to provide high quality education and at precisely the same time shape up the child's style. Education program keeping the international informative scenario in your mind is followed by them. This is why extreme popularity has been gained by the unique notion of international colleges.


    About the most notable British school in Dubai, how can you determine with availability of so many top-rated associations? Here are a few guidelines, which could end up being helpful:-


    Learn about the school atmosphere and location:-


    Since students are largely attracted by international universities from diverse locations who are born and brought up with entirely different cultures, the perfect association ought to be one that'll offer the best stage for kids to socialize and feel free with each other. It should be located conveniently and also offer the ambiance where kids can develop under competent and stern guidance of characteristics that were educated. In fact, several top rated international colleges attended up amidst verdant greenery, in lovely locations. These schools have open spaces, separate boarding facilities for boys and girls in addition to state of the art facilities. Boarding facilities are of standard that is rather high. Chambers are kept clean. The foods served to pupils is delicious and nutritious too. Furthermore, universities have health-related providers and doctors for a number of crises.


    Learn about instructing and the class curriculum traits:-


    Different schools could have their particular class curriculum. Yet, all have the fundamental aim of offering normal education that will be taken globally. Ideally, the school should offer courses beginning from Montessori till 12th standard. The private school in Dubai should have educated and efficient faculties who'll manage to direct pupils correctly. They ought to be prepared to offer special support to those who are lagging in specific subjects. Time to time evaluation of students' performance may also help a good deal.


    Understand about different extra curricular activities provided by the college:-


    As instruction is important so is also taking part in outside games and other extracurricular tasks. International schools are extremely special in this respect. They support pupils to take up actions of their option. In reality, there's an array of activities on offer like craft, art and songs, dance, creative-writing, play, It, yoga, gymnasium, science club, surroundings and nature, etc. Very attractive campus life which students miss even after stepping out of the school is offered by these schools.


    Therefore, if you are looking for the top global school, ensure that you've got done a thorough investigation, preferably online before starting the entrance process to assemble initial advice.

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